Mindthief gloomhaven guide

The Mindthief is the melee glass cannon of the Gloomhaven starting characters. She is super quick, hits hard and stops enemies in their tracks. This Goomhaven Mindthief guide focuses on building and playing as a damage focussed Mindthief who stuns her enemies! This article is a complete guide to playing a Gloomhaven Mindthief that focuses on dealing high damage and Stun to enemies. The Mindthief guide covers all levels from and assesses the cards at each level for how well they fit with this build.

There are several different ways you can go when playing a Mindthief. I play in a 4 player Gloomhaven party.

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That means there are lots of bad guys around in every scenario! When I played the Mindthief we already had a healer and a ranged damage dealer, so the melee damage Mindthief made the most sense for me. A melee glass cannon is an unusual character build. Kudos to the Gloomhaven designers for trying something different with the Mindthief!

Oh, no. You are one of the fastest starting classes in Gloomhaven, which means you can dash in and whack enemies and dash out again before they even have a chance to hit you! Use your high initiative cards to go late on turn one, so the bad guys have already had their turn before you rush in and hit them.

Then, go early on turn 2 so that you can hit them again before rushing off. Card initiatives are really important with this strategy, but so is having ample movement cards in your hand, ideally with Jump.

The last thing you want is to be trapped behind a bunch of enemies! But you have other tricks up your sleeve! Use Stun and Immobilize to prevent your closest threats from doing any damage on their turn. A stunned enemy is a peaceful enemy! I really like the Mindthief Augments, because they allow you to build the character according to how you want to play. You could take along two or more Augments, so you can change your playstyle depending on what comes up in the scenario.

In some groups, that may be exactly what you want, you may need that versatility. At later levels, we may pick up another Augment to support our build. There are no good or bad cards in Gloomhaven. For this Mindthief build, I looked for cards that offered:.Home Games News Cosplay. Taking damage is a pain. Some basic and less basic tips on how to use an all-invisibility pair of Mindthief and Scoundrel.

mindthief gloomhaven guide

The Fundamentals Invisibility is a very powerful status effect, but can be tricky to use properly without a good grasp of the basics of how the game operates. The most important thing to understand first is just when buffs and debuffs are removed from entities in the game. In particular, most buffs are removed at the end of the next turn taken by the entity with the buff with a few exception not directly relevant for this guide.

This is key to making the most of invisibility. The general idea, therefore, is to go early in the round when applying invisibility, and go late in the next round when already invisible - specifically, you want to go before the enemies on the turn you want to become invisible, and you want to go after your enemies on the turn your invisibility will wear off.

This allows a single use of invisibility to essentially waste two sets of attacks from your enemies, and is the key to making the invisibility build work. So the first thing to remember is: Go into invisibility early, come out of invisibility late. Design your hand to facilitate this behavior. The second thing to remember is that you are on a clock in Gloomhaven. You have a very limited number of plays to finish the scenario, so you can't afford to waste turns.

Your objective is always to generate damage and eliminate enemies. This means that as powerful as invisibility is, it needs to be used in a way to set up your attacks. Avoiding enemy attacks is only a means to an end.

mindthief gloomhaven guide

So the second thing to remember is: Invisibility should be used aggressively. Design your hand and strategy to support this behavior. What Does Invisibility Actually Do? A number of things, mostly good: The invisible character can't be attacked or targeted by hostile effects.

This goes for area of effect abilities, too. The invisible character is effectively immune to enemy characters. The invisible character can still take damage from effects that directly cause damage, particularly traps and retribution effects. The invisible character can't be selected as an enemy focus. The details of how enemy movement is determined is beyond the scope of this guide, but essentially, the enemy focus is the 'main target that enemy is trying to get to'.

Beginners Guide for Gloomhaven

It is the primary determinant in how the enemies move. The invisible character is treated as an obstacle by enemies for the purposes of calculating paths. This is extremely important to understand as it can cause significant changes in the enemy behavior. The two most relevant things to remember is that a if there is no path that leads to a target, the enemy entity will not move this also occurs if there are no available targets, e.

The last bullet is the most important thing to remember: if there is no way to eventually get to a valid target, the enemy will not move; if the only way to eventually get to a valid target is to go through traps, the enemy will go through traps. Careful use of invisibility with a far away, visible target can lead to the enemy killing themselves on their own traps.

Common Tips For the most part, the Mindthief and Scoundrel can operate independently. The main exception is coordinating your invisibility uses. The basic observation is that invisibility is only really useful if it results in a net loss of enemy attacks; if one character goes invisible but it just leads to the other character eating all the attacks, the invisibility probably isn't helping.Gloomhaven has been a hit since its release in Part of that success can be attributed to the range and depth that each class has.

This guide will give an overview of each starting class in Gloomhaven, starting cards, and perks. Some of the fun in Gloomhaven is discovering things on your own, so I should mention this guide will contain spoilers for the classes including information on the level 1 cards and perks. You will also choose one personal quest.

Since there is so much variation in the possible builds in your group, building an effective character will be different based on the situation. Be sure to take your circumstances into account when going over the character classes. Putting a little extra thought into class choice in a 2 player game is worth it. In a 2 player game each player must pull their weight, whereas in a player game someone lagging behind can be carried.

Between the 6 gloomhaven starter classes, the Brute is your classic tank starting class. However, he can be played as a damage dealer if you prefer to focus less on damage mitigation.

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This is an easier class to play for someone less savvy to building characters. Check out the full Brute guide here.

This classes perks are pretty widely considered to be some of the worst in the game. There are very few damage increases in the selection. The perk options that are there are mostly just inconsistent. Tinkerer is the support healer of the Gloomhaven starting classes. A good size hand of 12 cards gives her a ton of stamina and the ability to take lots of card losses.

Mostly she will be played ranged but due to her stamina and healing can take some melee hits if needed. Focus on a damage dealing build if your group is less than 4. Going full healer on a group of 4 can be really good. Check out the full Tinkerer guide here.

mindthief gloomhaven guide

The Tinkerers perks focus on adding extra cards to the deck which is good for this class. Grab some cards that have the replace or remove effects to control your deck. The Spellweaver is a mage style class that does a good amount of AoE ranged damage.

She is kind of a glass cannon with her low health and easy exhaustion.The Mindthief is a fast-moving, versatile character that deals out high damage, but has very few hitpoints.

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A glass cannon, if you will. This is made much more difficult by the fact that the Mindthief is first and foremost, a melee character. That means you need to get upfront where all the action is so that the Mindthief can dish out damage but also have a strategy in place to avoid receiving damage. The room for error is minimal and you need to have a solid understanding of the tools at your disposal.

Packs a punch, but you definitely need to keep him out of danger. A tried-and-true method of dishing out damage and stay alive is to go latemove in, punch the enemy in the mouth, and then go early the next turn so that you can smack him in the face one more time before you run away. In this regard, the Mindthief is endowed with some absolutely wonderful cards, and they are part of the reason this character was voted the second most fun to play. Take your time, let the monsters wear themselves out on your high hitpoint comrades.

Gloomhaven Review - with Tom Vasel

Play initiative 86, move in at the end of the turn, and then play your initiative 11 to go early the next turn to get another attack in and get out of dodge. Opening up a new room by yourself is almost always going to end poorly. Mindthief kicks some butt, but having a room full of baddies laying into you means you might end up hemorrhaging cards to avoid taking lots of damage.

If you read through the section about how important movement is to the Mindthief, then this should make perfect sense. An additional 2 hexes tacked onto your movement when you need it most is not just handy, it could be the difference between dancing around your big ugly enemy OR having Vermling guts splattered all over the wall.

Great to be able to pick two of your best cards back up and redo a massive attack without resting. For the price of 10 gold it is well worth it. Alternatively, get a Minor Healing Potion. It kinda boils down to how confident you feel about avoiding damage, and who else you have in your party.

Poison is a bit of a necessity in such instances. This is it. Play it first and protect it at all costs. Because it is an augment, this superpower of a Gloomhaven move can stay in play for the entire scenario. Take a moment and think about the gravity of that. That means even if a card is hot garbage, you can still use the top action as a default attack 4.

When you start a scenario, you should definitely be hiding behind an ally, or in a corner. Initiative 75 is the bomb in this case.

It allows you to stay behind your very healthy friends while proceedings commence, and allows the silly fools in the room to get closer to you. You then move in, apply TMW and attack them for a quick 3 right off the bat.

Mindthief Enhancements: Insanely Good Combos

A bottom attack is handy because you can pair it with our regular top attacks, but not when all your attacks have just lost all their potency. As a Mindthief, it is particularly beneficial to long rest whenever the situation allows. Very good call. But why would you ever pull back TMW and have it susceptible to being picked as the lost card? Coming out of a rest with an odd number of cards means one of them is going to be left without a dance partner.The Diviner is a class released in the Forgotten Circles expansion for Gloomhaven.

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It is unlocked by default - there are no requirements or quests in order to play this class. Light spoilers also follow for Cthulhu and Scenario 21and there are some items in the Equipment section that come at higher Prosperity levels.

You've been warned. The Diviner is a full-support a. Prepare your emotions for not making big hits: at Level 1, it has three cards that allow it to deal damage. Get your decks back out, you lazy bums, and bow to the might of card control! Your higher-level cards tend to fall into three main categories: cursesriftsand card manipulation. How did I see the future like that, you ask? I just rolled my eyes at you. We aren't going to take a ton of abilities that allow card manipulation, because there are better choices that serve your lofty goal of making your allies awesome and your enemies sad, pathetic shells of their soon-to-be former selves.

Do you see what I did there? You have to think in the future pluperfect if you're going to be a Diviner. Also, don't bother me with details that don't pertain to the malleability of space and time, such as the actual definition of the future pluperfect. Should you start at a higher level? Let me look into your future. Look, I get that you are basically the Rain Man of Gloomhaven.

Slow your roll, rawhide. This class has mechanics the likes of which you have literally never seen. It takes some getting used to, even for Judge Wapner Superfan Otherwise you need to go before your allies, who must go before enemies. Or just use it to clear poison. You have a mouth like a sailor, for real. This IS your initiative card, unless you need Clairvoyance.

mindthief gloomhaven guide

One good use of this card is to generic move combined with one of your RIFT cards, since those are all top actions that you want to go early in the round. BOTTOM: Lets you decide if you like the next actions that all the monsters take, which is really hit or miss in terms of utility - mostly miss, because most monster actions are not really terrible.

If you know that your party is going to be setting up a big turn at some point, you could consider it, but given how bad the top action is, stick to Protective Aura. TOP: a. Under very specific map setups, you could teleport a troublesome monster into another room, forcing it to spend move to get back to the party.

Take any shortcuts you can. Move plus attack is always nice. Use this if something is next to you to avoid disadvantage. Once you have some perks in your deck, you might even do OK damage. Or not.We started playing Gloomhaven 7 days ago, and had a difficult time choosing our characters for our campaign in two players.

Instead we went for the frailer Mindthief me and Spellweaver boyfriendtwo characters whose starting health is. We chose as our party name Pussy Riot, as both of our characters are XX, and many times fighting against the patriarchy of male Demons and Bosses :. Both characters can level up pretty quickly.

We completed 7 scenarios we needed to play one scenario twice and another thrice to win it and accumulated experience for the Mindthief level 4 and experience for Spellweaver level 4. Their starting deck includes several cards that give them experience. My Mindthief had five nondiscardable cards, five discardable and two augment cards that could give me experience. While the Spellweaver got experience by targeting several enemies at once, usually 3, with a Fire Orbgiving her one experience for each enemy targeted, and then doing this again after recovering the card from the last pile with the help of the Minor Stamina Potion.

She also made use of two nondiscardable cards that required active elements to add experience to her attacks. The Spellweaver is an efficient range attacker, doing most damage when keeping herself at distance from the enemy. This is a powerful combo which ensures a reliable amount of damage from a distance range of 3 to several enemies at once, given that the Goggles add advantage to the entire attack action.

Gloomhaven - Mindthief and Scoundrel Invisibility Guide (Useful Tips)

While Impaling Eruption is a great card to be used in the final room for a ranged attack of 4 that targets all enemies on the path to the target. The Empathetic Assault is a great card for this. Not only it has an early initiative that is hard to beat, but it allows the Mindthief to make an attack of 4 strength in a range of 5, while disarming the opponent, generating the ice element and giving 2 experience. This is a discard card that needs to be recovered from the lost pile by using the Minor Stamina Potion item.

The second card that allows the Mindthief to do a ranged attack is nondiscardable: the Perverse Edge card has a range of 2, gives an attack of 1, while also stunning the enemy, generating ice and giving 1 point of experience. This type of positioning maximizes the damage these two ladies can do, while also avoiding devastating hits. With a health of 6, the Rat Swarm can soak up a lot of damage, while inflicting damage themselves on the monsters next to them.

But try to avoid summoning these menacing rats early in the round, while still in the first room, as they move verrrry slow, one hex per round, and will not be able to keep up with the two of you. The Rat Swarm is most needed and effective in final rooms that have several monsters especially elite. The Hide Armor gives you a shield of 1 for the first two attacks, and can be used once again after a long rest.

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This means an average shield of 4 per scenario. The Spellweaver has two nondiscardable cards that allow her to heal herself or an ally in a range of 1 Mana Bolt or 3 Aid from the Ether.

The Mindthief can also make use of the nondiscardable bottom part of the Emphatetic Assault to heal herself for 2, while also adding movement. These type of cards are useful when there are still monsters in a room capable of damaging you, as a substitute to a long rest.

This allows you to refresh the items you used, gain 2 points of health back and choose which card to place in the lost card pile. You can open a door to a threatening room refreshed. She has six cards with an initiative of under 30, four of which are 20 or under.

This is a significant advantage for the Mindthief, who is usually positioned close to the enemy for her melee attacks.Gloomhaven is a cooperative game. Games typically consist of two to four adventurers, playing as a whole host of different characters. As the game progresses, characters can retire and new characters enter the fold. It is ever evolving. Well, something exciting happens in Gloomhaven when at least two characters have retired, prosperity level is 3 or higher, and a character is Level 5 or higher.

That character gets a solo mission. Solo missions are a whole other ballpark in Gloomhaven. They are tricky puzzles that really tests how well you know your character. They test every aspect, and you need to completely optimise in order to win. This is my guide for the Mindthief solo scenario. Turn back now or forever know these spoilers.

Okay, so there are a few ways of doing the Mindthief solo scenario. In this article I am going to tell you how I successfully completed it — although take this with a pinch of salt.

Undoubtedly you will need to adapt these concepts to fit your own build. The idea behind the Mindthief solo scenario is that your friends have been captured, and it is up to you to rescue them. So, there are a few personal caveats that I need to make you aware of. The first is that my Mindthief, Nigel, is Level 6. Rather than take a Level 5 card, I actually took 2x Level 4 cards. Most importantly, however, my Mindthief has an attack modifier deck of 29 cards, including a lot of conditions.

When you start the scenario, the entrance room has 6 enemies in it all of which are normal Vermling Scouts.

Now, Vermling Scouts are weak, only having 3hp each at Scenario Level 2 you play the Scouts one level lower than usual due to the scenario conditionbut they can be nasty.

Job number one is to reduce the amount of fire coming back at you, as otherwise you will have 6 attacks coming in.

That and there is a chance they will have Poison as well. You could, in theory, die first turn. This is where Cranium Overload is great. Not only does it have a low initiative, meaning you can ensure going first, but it guarantees one dead. It then deals two damage to all adjacent enemies, and with some luck can take out 4 of the 6 Vermlings in one turn. It was a super good start.

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